Electronic water Descaler, a solution to your hard problems.

These days there is hardly any place left which does not face hard water issues. The hard water is contaminating every household that does not have a water-softening device. Through Water Softener, the hard water gets converted into soft water as it reduces the mineral content such as calcium, sulphates, bicarbonates and magnesium metals from water.

The water descaler chemically converts hard water into soft. The chemical used in this process is Sodium that neither clogs the pipes nor reacts with soap. This was the only softening system used in the past. However, with the latest developments, Electronic water descaler has become even more effective and has become the most preferred water softener.

Electronic water descaler has many advantages as compared to the other Water softening equipment. It clears the calcium and other impurities by sending light electric current in water. A set of small crystals are formed in water, which attracts the harmful substance thus, avoiding lime scale to be formed. This method is easy and needs less maintenance. Therefore, electromagnetic water softeners are very popular in US.

Scale Manager is the best Electronic water descaler and is very popular in US. We use advance technologies to cater varied purpose of our customers. The Radio Frequency and Direct Inductive Coupling system used makes us versatile and increases the outputs thus, making us better than our competitors. We produce this dual technology through PIC 16 microprocessor technology. This technology is very reliable and helps us in producing quality products. Scale Manager is a customer centric product and is designed to bring all kind of hard water solutions to its patron. Not to forget, it has set a standard for all the other Competing Water descaler



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